SPORTCONCEPT has its own licensed direction, which specializes in the full-service support of popular sports brands throughout the world.

The main goal is to achieve maximum results in the field of trademark commercialization based on the “360◦” principle. The basis of the license line is the sale of licenses and franchise projects, as well as their further development.

Thus, work with the brand is ensured on the basis of the “360◦” principle.

License obtaining provides the licensees with the right to use not only logos and styles of popular sports brands, but also photos of popular athletes from the portfolio when developing products. Currently, SPORTCONCEPT cooperates with more than 10 licensees making products of various kinds.

The SPORTCONTEPT licensees, together with the opportunity to use powerful sports brands, also acquire SPORTCONCEPT’s professional support in many business areas from the moment of negotiations until the licensed product release to the market and its promotion.

The SKA ice hockey team was formed in 1946.
It participates in the top level of the national championship since the season of 1946/47, being:
2015, 2017
of the Gagarin Cup
Cup winner
1970, 1971,
1977, 2010
of the Spengler Cup
The only representative of St. Petersburg in the Continental Hockey League.
The Plastmaster Ltd company sells own-produced toys. A large range of toys allows parents of children under 5 to make their choice. Rattles, pyramids, cubes, cars, constructing kits, dolls, developing games and toys provide the child not only with joy, but they also open ways to experience the world around.

All manufactured products comply with standards, materials intended for children’s use. Shapes and colors of the toys taking into account all the features of their use. Additional information about the company can be found on its official website
The Mirabella R Ltd company sells its own textile products of the "Khlopkovy Krai", "Mirarossi" and "Todas" trademarks.

It is a modern enterprise equipped with the best set of equipment and super-modern system of quality monitoring for finished products. The company pays great attention to the latest innovations in the textile industry and constantly keep track of this sphere development.

All products are made only of high-quality materials and in accordance with the requirements of EAS certification, the production site is ISO 9001 certified. The products of the company’s brands are safe not only for adults, but also for children.
The "ShokoBox" trade mark is a Russian chocolate brand created in St. Petersburg in 2010. Today, the "ShokoBox" company is the chocolate product manufacturer, firmly occupying the niche of confectionery products with bright emotional design.

The company pays special attention to the quality of products, starting from the recipe of the chocolate (Belgian raw materials by Barry Calebaut) and concluding with the packaging printing technology. It helps the company to remain the best one in its field for many years in a row.
The main activity by PROSPECT AVENUE is individualization of sports shoes and clothes. PROSPECT AVENUE is company No. 1 in the market of custom-made gumshoes in Russia.

PROSPECT AVENUE is a global brand of gumshoes and clothing with bright colorful designs. In the variety of patterns and sizes, everyone can find a print of his or her wish to express individuality and emphasize interests and hobbies.

All products are made with great attention to the comfort and real needs of people using natural fabrics and other high-quality components. Persistent environment-friendly paints are individually used for each product’s design to please the eyes for many years.
To become a licensee, i.e. get the right to use one or more sports brands for your products, advertising campaigns or services, you can contact the licensing department of the "SPORTCONCEPT" company