New corporate style for HC Sochi
  • #Merchandising 
On August 21 HC “Sochi” presented it’s new logo and uniform, designed by SPORTCONCEPT specially for them.
Domestic uniform of original colour of sea wave is made from high-quality materials, which are actively used in outfit manufacturing for the best clubs and teams all over Russia and worldwide.

Sergey Voropaev, CEO of HC “Sochi”: “The new style was necessary as an embodiment of the new stage of club’s development. It is our visual message about the fact, that our club is not only stable, but also os going to move forward. Style is very accurate, aggressive. For us it’s symbolizing that we hold together, we wouldn’t give up and would bite our rivals anyway. New solutions concerning graphics and colour let us design attractive casual clothes and accessories for club’s fans. We want people to get something they would wear everyday. Something memorable and useful, our guests could bring to their hockey and non-hockey cities. It is an important instrument for hockey and Sochi promotion.

On 23d of August the team starts the third CHL season and it’s fans have an opportunity to watch the new style of HC Sochi in action.