New online-store of the “Red Machine”
  • #Internetprojects 

“Red machine” is an official brand of russian national hockey team. It units together both long rich history and new achievement of the team. This idea is used as a basis in the renewed website concepts.

The new site, developed by SPORTCONCEPT,  meets all the latest webdesign trends, it is adaptive for different types of screens and very handy for users due to detailed mercahdise cards and wide range of delivery and payment methods. Assortment of the store is intended not only for russian national team fans or just hockey fans, but for all young people with active and exciting lifestyle. By the way, every customer can even order a personal sweater with his surname on the back.

The new online-store is not only the store itself, but also a platform, uniting brand fans: there is a special block with photos, synchronized with Instagram. Also, users can upload their photos with brand products of “Red Machine” by themselves.


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